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Conversational, Millennial Female Voiceovers

Easy | Breezy | Rich | Wry | Comfortable | Warm | Natural | Confident | Comforting | Friendly

Voiceover artist, Kate Marcin, offers a full range of vocal services from her professional Los Angeles recording studio.


  1. Commercial Demo Kate Marcin 1:15
  2. Corporate Demo Kate Marcin 1:18
  3. Industrial Demo Kate Marcin 1:43
  4. E-Learning Demo Kate Marcin 1:14
  5. Interactive Voice Response Demo Kate Marcin 1:20



  1. A Place Called Raindot - Children's Kate Marcin 1:03
  2. An Ember in the Ashes - Fantasy 2:48
  3. Behind the Mask - Suspense 2:47
  4. Beyond the Cabin -Retail 3:05
  5. Christmas Stray - Romance 3:05
  6. Deck the Hearts - Romance 2:58
  7. Dead End Girl - Suspense Thriller 4:57
  8. Demeters Tablet - Fantasy 3:44
  9. Dragon Bones - Fantasy 1:56
  10. End of the World - Sci Fi Kate Marcin 2:59
  11. Everyone Brave is Forgiven - Literary Fiction Kate Marcin 2:45
  12. Fallout - Crime Suspense 4:53
  13. Her Christmas Chance - Romance Kate Marcin 3:15
  14. Home Cooking - Memoir Kate Marcin 3:24
  15. Image in a Cracked Mirror - Thriller Kate Marcin 3:21
  16. Little Black Dress, Little White Lies - Chick Lit Kate Marcin 3:05
  17. The Hatred - Horror Kate Marcin 1:11
  18. Templar Scrolls - Fantasy 3:38
  19. The Dragonians Witch - Fantasy Romance 5:00
  20. Magemother Book One - Fantasy Austin J. Bailey 2:21
A Place Called Raindot, narrated by voiceover artist, Kate Marcin
An Ember in the Ashes, narrated by voiceover artist, Kate Marcin
Beyond the Cabin, narrated by voiceover artist, Kate Marcin
Deck the hearts, narrated by voiceover artist, Kate Marcin
the dragon witch
The Mage and the Magpie
Everyone Brave is Forgiven, narrated by voiceover artist, Kate Marcin
Her Christmas Chance, narrated by voiceover artist, Kate Marcin
Demetres Tablet, narrated by voiceover artist, Kate Marcin
End of the World, narrated by voiceover artist, Kate Marcin
The Hatred, narrated by voiceover artist, Kate Marcin
Behind the Mask, narrated by voiceover artist, Kate Marcin
Dead End Girl, narrated by voiceover artist, Kate Marcin
Fallout, narrated by Kate Marcin
templar scrolls


Clients of voiceover artist, Kate Marcin


Kate works out of an acoustically treated Whisper Room vocal booth in her home. She can record via Phone Patch or Skype for remote directed sessions. She can usually deliver files within 24 hours (for shorter commercial and corporate projects). She also consistently records audiobooks from her home studio. Kate has access to many great studios in her area, including studios with ISDN connections if needed.



Audacity Audio Editing Suite (2.2.0)


Blue Bluebird, Shure MV5 USB (for travel)


Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen)


Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones


Kate Marcin

My commercial style has been described as “easy, breezy, richly, wryly, comfortable millennial”. If you want a natural, conversational tone, I’m it. Think of that voice you hear on CoverGirl or Olay commercials, that rich, down-to-earth, classy tone. If you’re looking for a narration that’s a little more corporate and serious, I can do that too. Just check out my demos to hear for yourself!

Kate is also the co-founder and narrator of the Big Sur Road Trip Audio Guide, the first audio guide to accompany your epic road trip through Big Sur, California! Get yours HERE!


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